17-06-2009 10:20
"ЕЛФЕ" ЕООД изгражда кабелни и ЛАН мрежи в хотели , хижи и офиси.Възникнали аварии... [повече]

17-06-2009 10:11
 "EЛФЕ" ЕООД работи с модерна станция БЛАНКОМ. Тя излъчва 39 аналогови... [повече]

За интерфейсите
27-04-2010 11:42
Интерфейс  -  Електрическа, електронна, електромагнитна или оптична система, включваща или не софтуер, която дава възможност за взаимна
свързаност или обмен на сигнали между съоръжения, свързани чрез
него, при спазване на съответните технически спецификации.Crimp connectors for RG59/6 cables
Corning Cabelcon is manufacturing a wide range of crimp connectors for drop cables. While it is quite easy to determine the right connector size for US cables, it is more complicated for European cables: Many size variations of "RG6/59" drop cables are being supplied from several European manufactures. That is why Corning Cabelcon is manufacturing crimp connectors in all sizes to match these cables. The Corning Cabelcon crimp connectors for RG59/6 cables have an attractive price/performance ratio.
Most of our crimp connectors for RG59/6 are manufactured in brass with NITIN coating in order to ensure the best possible protection against corrosion. The one piece connector features a wide F-nut that makes the connectorization safe and simple to mount. Most connectors are marked for easy identification in the field.
The EPA crimp ring is moisture proof according to IP-67.
Standard crimp tools can be used. Factory adjusted Rotary Cable Strippers and crimp tools can be supplied from stock.
The Corning Cabelcon crimp connectors for RG59/6 cables are adapted to all US and European drop cables
. Other types are available on request. Please refer to the internet catalogue for specific types or contact your 
  Characteristic Impedance
75 Ohm
Operational to 3 GHz
Return loss
up to 862 MHz:
> - 30 dB

Shielding Efficiency

Always better than
cable specifications
Pull Strenght
Always better than
cable specifications
Operational temperatures
From –40° to +70° C